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I, Caitlyn Miller, own the intellectual property on Power Wellness Coach. I own the rights to all of the pictures posted, unless otherwise accredited. Feel free to repost my blogs and information, but please remember to give me credit for my work. The information in my posts are my personal opinion, not that of a health or legal professional, unless otherwise stated.

I always try to be kind and transparent on Power Wellness Coach and ask for the same respect from my readers. For this reason, comments are always welcome on the basis that they are respectful and maintain privacy. Rude, offensive, and harmful comments will not be tolerated. You can disagree, but please do it nicely! I reserve the right to delete any and all commentary. 

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I specifically note at the bottom of a blog post when affiliate links are present. This means that I will earn a small commission from the company if you decide to purchase the product linked to. I will always give honest reviews and my opinions are my own.


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