Breaking Food Labels

Posted on June 8th, 2020 by Caitlyn Miller

How many times have you heard someone say that bread or cake is bad for you? How many times have you labeled a food as bad for you? I can say right now that I have labeled numerous foods as bad for me. I hope after reading this you will have a new mentality about food and start a healthier relationship with it as well. 

Table of Contents 

  1. Breaking Food Labels
  2. Moderation Is Key
  3. Stumbling 

Breaking Food Labels

There was a time where I felt like if I had some pizza, then I needed to go on a run to burn off the “bad” food and that is exactly what I did. Running off that pizza did nothing in the grand scheme of things. It just added more stress on me. This is a very unhealthy mentality and unfortunately, a mentality that many people have. This restricting mentality leads to overeating, guilt, and unmet goals. You think with pride, “I have not had ice cream in a month”, this then leads you into eating more than you should in one sitting. And then afterwards you feel guilty, restrict your eating, and the vicious cycle starts once again. Sometimes this can lead to very serious eating disorders. We should not label food as good or bad. There are foods that are healthier than others and that is how we should view it. Once we label something as “bad”, it can cause us to have an unstable view of this food. When I say have an unstable view I mean, cause you to feel guilty after eating this said “bad” food. Let’s say I go to eat pizza and afterwards start to feel guilty because it is a “bad” food. This is not a healthy mentality. Instead, I should realize that pizza is not the best type of food to fuel my body with and gorge myself on. I should eat till I am content and then call it a day.

Moderation Is Key

The best advice I want you to take away from this is, moderation is key. I will repeat this over and over until someone starts believing me. You can eat that piece of pizza, you can eat the slice of cake; the key is not to over eat and not feel bad afterwards. You can eat the foods you love in moderation and still meet your goals. When you allow yourself to eat the foods you love on a regular basis, you do not have the urge to overeat. This is a much healthier relationship with food. It will take time to create a healthy relationship with food, as many relationships do. 


You might have a few times where you slip and overeat and that is okay. Restart the next day with a new determination. What you DO NOT want to do is wake up the next day and think, “All my progress is ruined, I might as well eat a big tub of ice cream today or go on a long run.” Now you are back to square one. You’ve got this and remember moderation is key. I had so many times where I ate bad or overate one day and then the next I would deprive myself of food. Sometimes I would deprive myself and go on runs as well. Learn from my mistakes and treat your body better than I did. Forgive yourself and start over again with a new determination to do better and be better.

What food struggles have you had?

One thought on “Breaking Food Labels

  1. I was expecting to read about the different words on food labels, but this was a super refreshing change! As someone who suffered from an eating disorder for many years, I know all too well the grip that food can have on you!

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